Semana Santa in Catalunya

It is Semana Santa in Catalunya! This holy week is famous in Andalucia and especially in Sevilla, Malaga and Granada. But everywhere in Spain this week is celebrated. From processions to joyful celebrations, Semana Santa is a time when communities come together to commemorate the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Processions in Barcelona, Tarragona and Girona

Witness the breathtaking processions that go through the historic streets of  Barcelona, Tarragona, and Girona. Admire the elaborate floats adorned with intricate floral arrangements, carried by devoted members of religious brotherhoods dressed in their traditional robes.

Last year I was with a group on a wine tour and on Friday night after a great (early) dinner we witnessed the procession in Girona. It lasted for more than 2 hours and we stayed till the end. We were in front of the city hall and this was also the spot where special dances were performed.

For me this was the first time I saw this live and was a great experience to witness this tradition. The first time I was here during Eastern I was planning to go to Tarragona but because of the heavy rain I saw it on tv. A good alternative and think will do this again this year and see if there is again a lot of commotion when a high float has to pass a narrow passage. As it was the first procession ...

Eastern dishes

Sunday lunch will be special with traditional dishes like the famous Mona de Pasqua, a festive cake decorated with colorful eggs. It is tradition for the godparents to buy one for their godchild. You see them in all the supermarkets, bakkeries and pastry shops.

Felices Pascuas! / Feliç Pasqua!