Cellers Torres

Feel the tradition of more than 150 years wine making during your visit to the Cellers Torres just outside Vilafranca del Penedes. This year they were in the top 50 of the World’s best vineyards, an impressive list of well-known wineries.

Torres is a family owned winery and family members are heading one of the wineries all over the world. Not only in Catalunya, Rioja and Duero but also in California and Chile.

We were there at the end of September and there was a lot of activity in the cellars. Making wine is a process of hard work and patience and it is always great to see the wine production with your own eyes. This time we saw how the grapes transported in the fermentation barrels. Impressive is also their barrel room where the wines are maturing.

Torres make iconic wines from international grape varieties. Like the Fransola (100% Sauvignon Blanc) or one of their Cabernet Sauvignons. The Mas La Plana is one of their iconic wines but also try their Waltraud Riesling, fruitier than the ones from the cooler climates. More and more Torres is also planting local varieties like Pirene that resembles Pinot Noir and you will find in their (Gran) Coronas.

“The more we care for the earth, the better our wine”

Because of the climate change Torres decided to invest in local and ancient grape varieties as they might have a better resistence to the new climate. Miguel Torres, el presidente de Torres, is passionately involved in this process. This resulted in a  reduction of 30% CO2 emissions per bottle and the aim is to reach a 55% reduction before 2030. Together with Jackson Family Wines in California they founded Interational Wineries for Climate Action. Their aim is to raise awareness  among wineries and combine forces to become climate positive by 2050.

During your visit you will learn more about the steps Torres already has taken and will take in future.



Reserve your spot in your favourite language (Catalan, Spanish or English) and while you are there why not combine it with a breakfast or lunch in their restaurant?

restaurant torres

El Celleret Restaurant

There are not that many bodegas that offer a restaurant but Torres is one of them. Have lunch inside or in their olive garden with view on the Mas la Plana vineyard and Montserrat. During weekends the restaurant is also open for breakfast. A nice way to spend you Saturday or Sunday morning!

The menu shows a variety of dishes. From one of the tapas like the home made croquettes to rice dishes and local specialities like the Penedès rooster. The surroundings and the excellent food make it a wonderful experience. Bon profit!

La Carretera del Vi

Cellers Torres is one of the bodegas of the Carretera del Vi. This 33 kilometer long Mediterranean Wine Road connects the bodegas in Penedès with the ones in Garraf. When you follow the wine road you will not only be able to visit the 13 wineries but also Iberian villages, Medieval castles and architecture from Modernist times.

You can for instance start in Sant Martí Sarroca  and visit Cellers Torres for a tour and a nice lunch. After lunch follow the route to the bodegas in Garraf. Make a stop in Vilafranca with the Vinseum wine museum or Olèrdola for a relaxing walk and visit of the castle. Your wonderful day can end with a sunset dinner on the beaches of Sitges.

More information on the route you will find on the website and there is also a mobile app that shows the route via GPS.

Every year the Fiesta de la Floración is celebrated in one of the wineries. In 2019 the host was Torres and the video below gives an impression.