Hiking & biking in Catalunya
10 april 2024 
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Hiking & biking in Catalunya

Catalunya offers stunning trails and scenic cycle routes in combination with rich history and delicious cuisine. This makes Catalunya a great destination for a biking or hiking holiday.

Hiking in Catalunya

Hike through the majestic Pyrenees mountain range, encountering dramatic peaks, lush valleys, and charming villages. Or prefer the seaside? Discover the rugged coastline of the Costa Brava, with its hidden coves, turquoise waters, and dramatic cliffs. Hike along coastal paths, stopping to swim in secluded beaches and explore quaint fishing villages.

Have a look at our hiking holidays in these regions!

costa brava walking

But of course, many other regions have hiking routes, from easy to difficult. For instance the unique volcanic zone of Garrotxa, dotted with extinct volcanoes and natural parks.

Biking in Catalunya

Cycle challenging mountain roads in the Pyrenees with steep climbs and panoramic views.  Encounter charming mountain towns and refuel with hearty Catalan cuisine. Or embrace the relaxed pace of coastal cycling on the Costa Brava. Follow scenic routes along the Mediterranean Sea, stopping at charming seaside towns and enjoying the warm sunshine.

During our 7-days biking holiday you will start the cycling in the Pyrenees. and after discovering  the Garrotxa volcanic zone you will arrive to Girona. To finish this tour you will cycle to the Costa Brava for a relaxing stay in a hotel on this beautiful coast.

Biking daytours in wine regions

In most wine regions you can do a (half-) day tour through the vineyards, sample local wines, and discover medieval villages with their ancient castles and cobbled streets.

For instance in Penedès. Contact us for group requests!

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Via Verdes in Catalunya

Via Verdes or Greenways are a hidden gem for cyclists and hikers. These converted railway lines offer a network of car-free paths winding through picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and historical sites.

The beauty of Via Verdes lies in their accessibility. Most routes are paved and feature gentle inclines, making them perfect for families, casual cyclists, and even walkers. Experienced cyclists can tackle more challenging routes with steeper climbs and longer distances. Via Verdes are not just scenic routes as they are also packed with history. Cycle past old railway stations, transformed into charming cafes and restaurants. Explore charming villages that once thrived along the railway lines, and discover hidden historical gems tucked away in the Catalan countryside.

via verde terra alta

Some via verdes ...

El Carrilet: This iconic Via Verde, stretching from Olot to the Mediterranean coast, is a favorite among cyclists. Enjoy a gradual descent towards the beautiful city of Girona, with captivating views of the volcanic Garrotxa region.

Iron Route: Immerse yourself in Catalonia's industrial heritage on the Iron Route. Cycle past abandoned mines, historical bridges, and remnants of the region's once-thriving iron industry.

Ter Greenway: Follow the course of the Ter River on this scenic Via Verde. Explore riverside villages, medieval towns, and the vibrant city of Girona, all while enjoying the tranquility of the river setting.

I did part of the Via Verde in Terra Alta and it is indeed a great way to explore the beautiful landscapes of Catalunya!

Catalunya offers a variety of hiking and biking holidays to suit all interests and fitness levels. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a casual cyclist, you'll find the perfect trails and routes to create an unforgettable experience.

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